The final segment of the match named after Dimitrijevic

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UNICS quickly regenerated after the defeat by CSKA and got a home victory over MBA with a mirror score of 87:78, winning the final 2-minute segment with a score of 13:4. The hero of the clutch was the North Macedonian point guard Neno DIMITRIJEVIC, who scored 10 of the last 13 points of Kazan.

MBA managed to get by the half time 7-point handicap (41:48). UNICS quickly returned to the game with a spurt of 8:0 at the start of the second half. In the opening of the final quarter, Kazan managed a new spurt of 10 unanswered points, which set the maximum «+10» for the hosts on the scoreboard – 69:59 6:30 before the final siren after 4 points in a row from the Green. 2:20 before the end, Khomenko in a spurt again restored equality – 74:74. However, the ending remained for UNICS thanks to the productive game of Dimitrijevic, who brought the white-green 10 out of 13 points in the decisive segment of the match.

The final siren recorded a mirror score of 87:78 in favor of the Tatarstan club. UNICS won its 9th victory in the regular season and gained a foothold on the second line in the VTB United League table.

VTB United League. Regular season.
UNICS (Kazan) – MBA (Moscow) – 87:78 (23:20, 18:28, 18:11, 28:19).
UNICS: Kulagin (17), Dimitrijevic (16 + 4 rebounds), Green (15 + 3 rebounds + 3 steals), Reynolds (12 + 7 rebounds + 5 assists + 3 steals), Labeyrie (12 + 5 rebounds), Komolov (6), Bako (5 + 5 rebounds).
MBA: Khomenko (13 + 8 rebounds + 4 assists), Minchenko (12 + 8 rebounds), Trushkin (12 + 3 rebounds), Barashkov (11 + 5 assists), Voronov (9 + 3 assists).

Velimir Perasovich's team will play its next match on December 2 in Krasnodar against last season's finalist Lokomotiv Kuban.


Velimir PERASOVIC, BC UNICS head coach:

«The match against MBA was extremely important for us after a tough defeat against CSKA. Obviously, we didn't play well today either. We had problems in defense, especially in the first half, when we acted very softly and allowed the opponents to score 48 points. Our big problem is the rebounds on our board. In almost every game, our opponents make more than 10 rebounds on offense, which is unacceptable at this level.

In the third quarter, playing «three big ones», we managed to stop their attack and change the course of the game. I think we spent the second half much better and achieved victory. We are not in the best moment, but it was extremely important for us to win. In the VTB United League, any team can beat any team, and every match is extremely important».

Eric GREEN, BC UNICS guard:

«The game turned out to be very difficult. We are looking for ways to add from match to match. The opponents did not give up, they played very diligently and selflessly. First of all, we need to focus on getting better every day and continuing to progress».

Vasily KARASEV, PBC MBA head coach:

«Good game. I think it gave a lot to our team. It is clear that we were up against the reigning champion. This year, UNICS is one of the most balanced teams both in terms of names and demonstrated results. As long as we scored with a high percentage, we stayed afloat. Probably, the key moment was the beginning of the third quarter, when we were leading «+7», but we didn't even make 3-4 attacks – we couldn't enter into combinations and made completely wrong decisions. During this time, UNICS scored eight unanswered points.

It is clear that in such a swing in the end, the advantage was on the side of the hosts. When it was necessary to score, UNICS scored, and we smeared somewhere. Seven misses from the free throws line in such a game for us is just a disaster. Anyway, the more we have such endings, the faster the guys will adapt to it and will already start winning it».

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