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One of the key sponsors of the club is Ak bars bank. The bank was founded in 1993 and is an old reliable partner of the club, being an important part of the big victories of Kazan basketball. The bank has all types of banking licenses existing in the Russian Federation and provides more than 100 types of banking services for corporate and private clients.
Today, Ak bars bank serves more than 3.1 million private individuals and over 67000 corporate clients, including the largest exporters of the Republic of Tatarstan, oil and gas and petrochemical complex enterprises, machine building, telecommunications, construction, chemical, motor transport, trade and agribusiness.

The branch network of Ak bars bank has 5 branches in major cities of Russia, 142 additional offices, 22 operating cash desks and 88 operating offices.

Technical partner of the club is company PEAK.
Company PEAK (Peak) has more than 20 years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing professional and in the style of casual sportswear, shoes, and accessories. This Italian sports brand has already proven itself in the countries of Europe, America, and Australia. Now a new peak has been conquered - Russia. Sport knows no boundaries, everyone can do it. Level of the game is not important, you can be a professional or an amateur, what is important is that everyone CAN PLAY !!! I CAN PLAY !! This is the philosophy and motto of PEAK.

At the very beginning of its journey, PEAK has chosen a basketball priority and is the official partner of the NBA & WNBA, but sport knows no bounds and many sports such as running, football, volleyball, tennis and many others are currently covered. Reasonable prices and good quality are the two successes of PEAK in the world of sports brands. PEAK - only 4 letters of the English alphabet: Passion Evolution Achievement Knowledge (passion, evolution, achievements, knowledge), and all together it is the TOP!.  

The official dealer of PEAK in Russia is Maxxisport.

Winline is one of the largest bookmakers on the Russian market, distinguished by its reliability and responsibility. In 2009, the company set itself the goal of becoming the most reliable bookmaker and successfully copes with this task.

Winline's cooperation with UNICS is an opportunity for fans to be always close to the team: to watch live matches for free anywhere in the world and support our favorite team, as well as participate in cool activations and win unique prizes at the home stadium and on the club's social networks.

Become a part of the game in the app or on the Winline website and win with your favorite club. Enjoy the game, the rest is up to us!

The water produced by our company is extracted in an ecologically clean area near the village of Semiozerka from an artesian well with a depth of 89 meters.

The water undergoes specialized treatment, which includes the use of filters to remove suspended particles present in the water, allowing mineralization to be brought to an optimal value.

Our water does not contain sweeteners and additives of artificial origin. Bottled water 7 LAKES is perfect for cooking, for use in the gym, and for baby food. Drinking Artesian water 7 LAKES is natural, clean and very tasty.