Entertainment in Basket Hall

By all means, basketball is the best game with the ball but UNICS home games are much better to watch in Basket Hall itself, as there is something to entertain yourself with for absolutely everyone. And that is why:

-         DJ Nintendo sets the rhythm

-         There are plenty of chances to have a bite before the game: hot dogs, burgers, pancakes, cotton cande, boiled corn, dumplings, national pastries, smoothies and much more)

-         Playground area with table tennis, playstation and basketball stand

-         Children’s room with a play assistant

-         Free trampoline

-         Photo zone

-         Braiding hair

-         Face painting and creative area where one can draw a poster. The best poster gets a prize from the show presenter

-         Various performances at every home game (drummers, jugglers, show of strength, bubbles show, violin players, bike show, etc)

Also, the other entertainment we have during the game:

-         Prize drawing for the best picture of the game in instagram with hashtag #naprolom

-         Our camera will not allow you to get bored during the breaks, “kiss cam” will ask you to kiss, “dance cam” – to dance, “guitar cam” will check how will you can play guitar

-         Performance of break-dancers

-         Stunning performance by cheerleaders

-         Contests at the court

After each game there is an autograph session with one of the players.