Basketball Club “UNICS” was created in 1991. The team started its performance in the First (the lowest) league of the Russian Championship. Some years had passed before the team staff formation.

Since 1994, successively, from season to season, passing from league to league, in 1997 the team won its right to play in the Super league ( the highest division) of the Russian Championship. In 1998-1999 the team got the 5-th position in the Russian Championship.

Since December 1998, the Chairman of the National Bank of Tatarstan Republic- Evgenyi Borisovich Bogachev, has become the President of the Basketball Club.

In 2000, 2003,2005,2009,2010 UNICS was the bronze medalist, in 2001,2002,2004 and 2007- the silver medalist of the Russian Championship. In 2006 UNICS got the 4-th place in the Russian and Super league Championships.

Since 1997 the team has been playing in the Euro cup competitions (three times in the Saport Cup , twice in the Corach Cup, FIBA Championship Cup, twice in the FIBA- Europe League, three times in the ULEB-Cup, twice in the Europe Cup).

The highest achievement in the Euro cups is the victory in the FIBA- Europe League in 2004. In January 2003 UNICS won the Cup of the North- European Basketball League, and in March 2003- the Cup of Russia. In 2009 UNICS became the winner of the Russian Cup for the second time. UNICS is the finalist of the Russian Cup 2005, 2007 and 2010. In April 2004 UNICS became the champion of the FIBA-Europe League.

Since June 2000 to June 2006 the main coach of the team was the Merited Sport Master, the Honoured Coach of Russia- Stanislav Eremin.

Since June 2006 the main coach of UNICS was the Honoured Coach of Lithuania – Antanas Sireika.

Since December 2007- the main coach was the Serbian expert Aco Petrovich. Since June 2009- the Honoured Coach of Lithuania- Valdemaras Homichus.

Since June 2010 the main coach of the team – Merited Sport Master, Honoured Coach of Russia- Evgenyui Pashutine.

The players of UNICS: Rouslan Avleev and Alexander Petrenko participated in the final of the Europe Championship in 1999. Rouslan Avleev, Evgenyui Pashutine, Valentin Koubrakov participated in the Olympiad -2000. Evgenyui Pashutine, Peter Samoilenko, Anton Udine performed in the final of the European Championship- 2001. Igor Koudelin took part in the World Championship-2002. In the final of the Europe-2003 Championship Peter Samoilenko, Valentin Koubrakov played. The basketball- player of UNICS- Aurelius Jukauskas –won the title of the Europe- champion -2003 as a part of the Lithuanian National Team. Peter Samoilenko (Russia), Kshishtoff Lavrinovich (Lithuania) participated in the final of the Europe-2005 Championship.

In 2006- the players of UNICS- the Lavrinovich brothers performed in the World Championship-2006 as a part of the Lithuanian National team. In the European Championship 2007- the basketball-player of UNICS- Nikolay Padius became the continental champion as a part of the Russian National team; Dariush Lavrinovich won the bronze medal as a part of the Lithuanian National team. Another player of the Club- Taric Kirksay (France) also participated in the Championship. Marco Popovich, Kreshimir Lonchar( the Croatian National team) took part in the final of the European Championship- 2009.

In August 29th, 2003 the greatest in Russia, the specialized Basket-hall entered into exploitation. Its’ capacity is 7500 spectators of the main arena and 1500 spectators of the small arena. In 2005 the country sport base of the UNICS- club in Vasilievo, a small settlement, 30 km from Kazan, was built.

Contact information:

Basketball Club UNICS Adress: 7- M.Djalilya street, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, 420011

Tel./Fax: (843) 292-16-55, 292-54-61

e-mail: club@unics.ru