Louis Labeyrie was included in the All-VTB Team of the Round!

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Louis LABEYRIE was included in the All-VTB Team of the Round according to the results of the game week from March 11 to 17. Congratulations!

In the victorious away match with Enisey (93:69), the 32-year-old Frenchman collected a quarter of all the team's rebounds – 11 out of 44, and also added 8 points and 3 assists to them, becoming the best player in the away team in terms of efficiency (25).

In addition to Labeyrie, guards Daniil Kasatkin (MBA), Malik Newman (Avtodor), Justin Roberson (Samara) and CSKA center Livio Jean-Charles were also included in the Team of the Week.

In addition, in the top ten moments of the tour there is a gorgeous combination with the participation of Vyacheslav Zaitcev, Erick Green and Jalen Reynolds, who completed it with a spectacular dunk.