Sergey Kushchenko: «Further in front of UNICS is only gold!»




A friendly game with «Parma» was attended by an honorary delegation consisting of the President of VTB United League S. Kushchenko, President of BC «Parma» S. Boguslavsky, Chairman of the City Committee on Sports S. Sapegin, Deputy of the Perm City Duma V. Kuznetsov. V., who arrived in the capital of Tatarstan to participate in the international forum "Russia is a country of sports". As a reminder, the forum is being held from 8 to 10 September 2021 at the Kazan Expo IEC. All constituent entities of the Russian Federation take part in it.


Taking this opportunity, we asked the President of VTB United League Sergey Valentinovich KUSHCHENKO several questions.

- Sergey Valentinovich, how do you like the game?

- First of all, I am very glad to be in Kazan. This is the first pre-season match I attended in your city. I would like to note that PARMA is one of the first VTB United League teams to start in the European campaign. Already on September 13, the Permians will hold the Champions League qualifying match in Bulgaria. UNICS starts the season a little later. This year the Kazan team has a new coaching staff, and the composition of the team has also been updated. The preparation is, as they say, from the wheels. I am in Kazan on a working visit. These days in your city the international sports forum "Russia - a country of sports" is being held. Another large-scale sporting event. In addition, I had the honor to congratulate the President of BC UNICS Yevgeny Borisovich Bogachev on behalf of the VTB United League on his last birthday. In addition, the club itself recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. As always, the capital of Tatarstan is very hospitable.

- Please share your expectations from UNICS in the upcoming season.

UNICS has always amazed. This is one of the strongest clubs in the League. In the upcoming season, the team will take part in the main club tournament of the continent - the Euroleague for the 4th time in its history. I would like to mention the bright names of the UNICS newcomers. Hezonja - this summer's super-transfer! I saw him play in the NBA, and today he became the most productive player in the meeting. But most importantly, in my opinion, he will bring a new trend to basketball. UNICS will start the championship with very difficult games. September 23 - the match with Lokomotiv-Kuban, then Zielona Gora and Zenit. Your team will not have time to rest. Moreover, this rhythm in the modern pandemic reality is a certain test of the strength of how high the level of organization of the clubs is. I hope that the management of the tournament participants learned how to perform their duties efficiently in such difficult conditions. The VTB League has yet to provide a complete list of antiquated measures. Tomorrow, at the Forum, we plan to discuss them, among other topics. Once again, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this is our new reality, which in no case should we ignore, but, on the contrary, are obliged to comply with all the necessary sanitary requirements. Back to the question. UNICS is a well-established, strong club, traditionally taking high prizes. Last season, the team achieved an outstanding sporting result - it reached the final of the VTB United League and Eurocup. Further - only gold!

- Please rate the effectiveness of the marketing department of our club.

- As VTB League President, thank you for installing a video cube under the arches of the Basket-Hall. This marketing tool is loved all over the world by a huge number of fans. I am sure it will attract even more spectators to the stands of the club's home arena. The cube helps to solve several marketing problems at once: it is both an advertising space and a tool for working with viewers. I know that UNICS fans are always extremely respectful of their team and opponents. In addition, it is obvious to me that every year the television picture becomes more and more attractive. By the way, quite recently, while at the Kondrashin and Belov Cup matches in St. Petersburg, I did not immediately realize what struck me. It turns out they are the dancers of the cheerleading group! They returned from the stage to the set. I will say that many clubs have already turned to the league with a request to return the girls to the floor (of course, strictly in the presence of a negative PCR test). We will think, but I am inclined to believe that everything is real with the observance of sanitary safety measures.