Artem Komolov: «UNICS still has a lot of room for progress»




BC UNICS guard Artem KOMOLOV explained the victory in the opening match of the VTB United League regular season over Lokomotiv Kuban (91:73), revealed the reasons for the team's transformation after playing in the pre-season Super Cup, admired the atmosphere in the Basket Hall, outlined the tournament goals of Kazan and talked about changes in his game after spending a year in the CSKA MOSCOW.

– First of all, I want to congratulate all the fans of UNICS on the victory! We analyzed the strengths of Lokomotiv Kuban in detail and tried to play hard against them. Because they have a young team that runs very well and attacks a lot. They should not be allowed to feel the game from the first minutes. That's why we tried to act aggressively right away.

My four accurate three-point hits out of five attempts? Somehow it worked out. I tried to throw.

How pleasant is it to be the first to start the championship?

– Opening the season, even with the status of champion, is always nervous. But we did a good job and adequately prepared for the opening match.

How did the team react to the unsuccessful performance in the pre-season Super Cup of the VTB United League?

– Upon returning from Moscow, we had a serious conversation with both the coaching staff and the management of the club. Yes, the Super Cup didn't work out for UNICS, but it's still more of a pre-season tournament. In any case, the team is still in the formative stage. Many players are returning from injuries, and some still remain in the infirmary. Therefore, we still have a lot of room for progress. We will work day in and day out.

How do you like the situation in the stands in the opening match of the season against Lokomotiv Kuban?

– The atmosphere in the Basket Hall was simply gorgeous today! Very cool! We felt the support of the fans every second of the match.

How did UNICS manage to stay focused throughout the game and maintain an impressive score difference?

– Initially, we put a lot of emphasis on defense and tried to give our best in defense. I think this played a key role.

My changes after the CSKA season? I think I've gained more experience. In the 2021/22 season at UNICS and last year at the Army club, I played more of a supporting role. Now I sometimes try to take over the game, but also, first of all, I try to help the team, give myself in defense and find my shots.

What is the goal of UNICS this season?

– Of course, after the championship, everyone wants to repeat this success once again. The team sets a goal to spend the season as well as possible. Of course, it would be great to win the title. We will work on this daily.