Andrey Vorontsevich: «This is a truly historic season for Tatarstan, Kazan and UNICS»




The captain of UNICS Andrey Vorontsevich shared his impressions of the first championship title of the VTB United League and Russia in the history of the Kazan club.

«Of course, the season was different for us, you can't call it unambiguous. We understand the complexity of the VTB United League championship, so we compare it with a marathon. The most important thing is the final result. This year, many teams were worthy of the title and really wanted to win it. Neither during the regular season, nor in the playoffs, it was impossible to predict the winner. The intrigue persisted until the last match, and the result of most games was decided only in the final seconds.

For me, the season turned out to be incredibly difficult, first of all, emotionally. We have an energetically differently charged team of players and coaches, it's not easy to put it all together. Nevertheless, we were able to go all the way to the end together, no matter how difficult it was, becoming champions. This is a truly historic season for the Republic of Tatarstan, the city of Kazan, VTB United League, UNICS, players and coaching staff! And for me, as the captain and player of the team, it is a great pride to be a part of such a significant event!

Everyone in our team is a person. We are all different, with our own principles and energy. I am glad that the guys are listening to me – as a senior researcher, a person with experience of finals matches and championships. We worked hard, keeping the Olympic calm and directing all concentration to the game. Everything else remained behind the scenes.

When necessary, we discussed and sorted out mutual grievances. I won't hide it, anything has happened, because this is a sport. The loads are extremely high, sometimes you get tired not only physically, but also emotionally. On the way to the title, we have done a lot of work throughout the season, I will even say more – throughout our entire sports career.

Every day we had to fight with ourselves. I think my role as captain is important in the team. Sometimes guys react too sharply to minor mistakes, I have already passed this before. I asked the guys in such cases to forget the moment and play on. It is useful to have such a senior companion and assistant nearby. We did a great job together, not dwelling on mistakes and directing emotions and concentration in the right direction.

For the first time in the history of the VTB League, UNICS and Lokomotiv-Kuban reached the final. We are incredibly glad that we have brought our club a debut title! I am sure the fans followed the outcome of the events with interest. The season turned out to be so fascinating. The victory of UNICS is our common merit with the fans who supported the team with all their hearts. Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan pay special attention to sports. The result is pleasant to everyone.

How was the victory celebrated? Symbolically poured champagne, sipped it from the Cup. Jumped for joy, hugged, kissed, took part in a festive dinner. This is our universal joy. Personally, I received a lot of congratulations, thank you all! Sincerely pleased, I answer everyone from the bottom of my heart. People understand how many difficulties we went through during the season, how much blood, sweat and tears were shed. Thank you for your congratulations!

I wish everyone involved to enjoy basketball! Let this game bring joy. We put a lot of work into the first championship in the club's history, and in the end everyone is happy!»