Winning start in Top 16

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14.01.2021 UNICS confidently started at the second stage of the European Cup Top-16, beating Morabank in the mountainous of Andorra. UNICS flew to Spain on a charter flight from Perm, where they beat Parma in the VTB League (76:69). There were no other options to quickly and easily get to Andorra.
The guests started the game with a purely American line-up: Isaiah Canaan, Okaro White, Jordan Morgan, John Holland, and Jordan Theodore. And we started well, 2-8 after Holland's second three. Several times the hosts tried to do something, 7: 8, 12:15, but each time the Kazan team confidently returned the hosts to their previous distance, 16:21. Let's note in the ranks of the owners was Belarusian center Artyom Parakhovsky, who played in Kazan as part of Tsmoki-Minsk on 20 December yet. As always, he was good under the shield. In the second quarter, with a 9-0 spurt, the Spaniards took the lead for the first time, 31:29. By the middle of the period, the hosts scored exactly a third of their points from the free throws line, 36:37. Kazan citizens began to make mistakes more often. So the Andorrans won both the quarter and the first half by a tiny margin, 39:38. The guests started the third quarter very well. After a breakthrough from UNICS 11-0, the score was 47:56. It was difficult to stop the guests, Jamar Smith began to score. In a word, the Kazan team won the third period very confidently, leaving for the last break with a score of 53:63. And in the opening of the last quarter, the Spaniards managed to nullify almost all the advantage of UNICS, after their 14-2 spurt the score changed to 64:65. A very nervous game. John Brown was injured 4 minutes before the end. By the way, the recent Icelandic forward from Kazan Haukur Palsson, who moved to Morabank in the summer, was also injured in this match at the very beginning. In the end UNICS, as in the opening of the match, played with a purely American line-up. After Smith's throw, the score is 66:73, four offensive rebounds in a row, that's it. The first victory of

UNICS Top-16. Morabank (Andorra, Andorra) - UNICS (Kazan, Russia) - 66:73 (16:21, 23:17, 14:25, 13:10). Most productive: Jelinek (18), Hannan (14), Senglin (10) - Canaan (16), Holland (13), Brown (10), Smith (13 + 5 assists).