There is a revenge. Thank you captain!

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07.01.2021 UNICS literally gnawed the victory at Zielona Gora with its teeth, scoring the decisive goal seven seconds before the end. Bravo to Jamar Smith!
Kazan started today's match with the following line-up: Georgy Zhbanov, Nate Walters, Okaro White, Dmitry Uzinsky and Jordan Morgan. As the hosts' head coach Dimitris Priftis promised, UNICS initially focused maximum attention on defense. Walters started the match well, gaining six points in a little over three minutes - 8: 5. The Poles responded with four long-range hits in a row - 10:16, the guests' spurt 11-0. As a result, the guests confidently won the quarter due to six accurate three-point hits against one from Kazan, 18:24.
In the second quarter, the hosts improved their defense - 29:33 after an average throw by Jordan Theodore. The Poles never hit from beyond the arc during these 10 minutes. One and a half minutes before the break, UNICS cut the gap to two points, 33:35. However, it was not possible to overtake the guests. The negligence in the execution of free kicks prevented - five misses in 10 attempts. But rebounds for the hosts, 21-19, they stoled the ball more often, 5-3. This statistic inspired optimism for the first half, which was 33:39.
But in the third quarter, the hosts became nervous, losing the ball and again not scoring free throws. The guests were cooler - 35:45 in the middle of the quarter. And UNICS stalled in the attack, four points in seven minutes - 37:49.  However, a quarter again remained with the Poles, 46:55, we admit that the guests play more variably.
Since the beginning of the last period, UNICS has pulled back to recoup. And after Smith's average throw, the score was 53:55. Pavel Antipov's “Three” for the first time since the first quarter brought the hosts ahead, 56:55. UNICS Dash 12-0! Guests do not score a single point for more than five minutes. Nervous ending. Smith makes the score 63:64 with a minute and a half left. And the host captain brings UNICS the victory, scoring the decisive goal with 7 seconds remaining, 65:64. There is revenge!
Jean Tabak, head coach of BC “Zielona Gora”: it was a hard, physical game for both teams. Both teams made many mistakes during the game. And at the end of the game, we made a couple of not very smart decisions in defense and attack. In addition, in the end, the players of my team were tired, as our roster is much shorter.
Dimitris Priftis, head coach of BC UNICS: it was a very tough game for both teams, primarily in defense. Both teams played very hard defensively. This count and the number of losses are not accidental. It was a level defense for big games. And we have to keep improving our defense, but we have to play better offensively when the opponent is defending like this. And I'm very happy with our defense and worried about how we play offensively. Because the last two possessions of the game were like in a casino. Both teams played very stupidly.
UNICS (Kazan, Russia) - Zielona Gora (Zielona Gora, Poland) - 65:64 (18:24, 15:15, 13:16, 19: 9). Most productive: White (15 + 8 rebounds), Smith (22) - Lundberg (13), Freimanis (15), Grosell (13).