The defeat of Avtodor

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04.01.2021 As usual, the match with Saratov team turned out to be difficult, but in the end UNICS started the new year with a major victory, 94:65.  Theodore with 28 points. Our Captain Smith has confidently returned to his duties.
UNICS started the game today with the following lineup: Georgy Zhbanov, Nate Walters, Okaro White, Dmitry Uzinsky and Jordan Morgan. The first quarter went very hard as usual, 6: 4, 8: 9, 12: 9, 12:13. Only by the first break did Kazan manage to move a little ahead - 19:13 after a long-range hit by Jordan Theodore. Finally, the captain Jamar Smith returned to the ranks of UNICS, who came on as a substitute at the end of the starting quarter and opened his personal score immediately after the start of the second period.
It was Smith who brought UNICS to the plus 10 line from the free throws line - 25:15. For more than three minutes the hosts did not allow Saratov to score a single point. But by the middle of the period, the guests managed to recover, 28:22. The struggle has escalated. After a long break, Artem Klimenko returned to the Kazan squad. He had a hard time fighting under the shield with the center of Avtodor from Chad Christ Kumaji with a height of 224 centimeters and a weight of 124 kilograms. The scoreboard is already 37:34. And yet the ending of the quarter was again held by UNICS, 43:34, the result of the first half. And rebounds stay for the hosts, 7-3.
In the third quarter, UNICS showed how they can play. Theodore scored seven points in a row in the middle of the period - 58:42. And now the hosts are leading 22 points, 68:46 after Theodore's “three”. Avtodor's answer is 68:52.
In the fourth ten minutes, the guests did their best to turn the tide of the meeting. But UNICS did not allow them to do this. Yes, Avtodor got close to a distance of 14 points - 70:56, which angered Theodore - 83:56 after his next long-range hit. Confident and big win for the hosts, 94:65.
Gordy Herbert, head coach of BC Avtodor: first of all, I would like to congratulate UNICS on the victory. Their defense was outstanding today, they pressed us so hard that they made us take too many losses. I think we played pretty well in the first 18 minutes of the game. But the first 5-6 minutes of the second quarter killed us. They threw 7 lay-ups in the first four minutes, and we had no team energy at all. We need to work on this.
Dimitris Priftis, head coach of BC UNICS: first of all, Happy New Year to everyone. I wish you all the best, health, peace and a speedy return to normal life. Secondly, congratulations to Canan for becoming a father a few days ago. This is very important for him, and for us, of course, because we are also a family. I wish all the best to his family, his daughter.
In terms of the game, we were finally serious today. We played with desire and energy. We were able to impose high speeds, so I think we were able to dominate today. But I think that Avtodor had a bad day today, the leading players just didn't get the shot. And so it was easier for us. But of course our defensive play was the key moment today.
UNICS (Kazan) - Avtodor (Saratov) - 94:65 (19:15, 24:19, 25:18, 26:13). Most productive: Theodore (28), Smith (14), White (12) - Starks (18), Shakich (11).