Smith brings UNICS its first Eurocup win!

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07.10.2020 An accurate shot from under the basket of Jamar Smith three seconds before the end of the match brings UNICS its first victory in EuroCup, 89:88.
The Consul General of Turkey in Kazan Ismet Erikan came to  Basket-Hall to support his fellow countrymen. The Minister of Sports of the Republic Vladimir Leonov supported the hosts.
The hosts started the game with the following roster: John Brown, Pavel Antipov, Isaiah Canaan, Georgy Zhbanov, John Holland. The hosts immediately began to bombard THE opponent's ring from afar. After the fourth "three" performed by Antipov, the score became 16: 9. But from under the ring, Kazan practically did not score, for which the hosts were punished with a jerk 8-0 of the guests, 16:17. And only due to another long-range hit by Jamar Smith in the last minute of the quarter, UNICS was able to win the starting ten-minute, 26:25. Note that two Turkish Americans - Alex Perez and Eric Green scored 10 points each, and the remaining 5 on the account of their fellow countryman Peyton Aldridge.
In the opening of the second quarter, the hosts literally concreted the approaches to their backboard, not allowing the opponent to score a single point for two and a half minutes, 32:25. Continuing to charge from a distance, UNICS brought the score to 43:34. But then the hosts' defense began to lose its solidity, and by the end of the first half, the Turks almost overtook Kazan, 48:47.
At the beginning of the third quarter, the shootout continued, the guests hit from behind the arc, the hosts responded with four “threes”, 62:52. For the first time in home matches, Pavel Sergeev entered the game and immediately hit from a distance, 65:57. During the last break, the score of long-range hits was 14-6, on the scoreboard 70:61.
In the final quarter UNICS either pushed back the guests by 12 points, 75:63, or allowed to catch up, the Turks' spurt 12-0, and already a draw in the middle of the period, 75:75. But the "threes" of Kazan continue to fly into the opponent`s ring, for a long time UNICS has not scored so much from beyond the arc. 19th "three" performed by Jordan Morgan, 87:81 with two and a half minutes left. But at the last minute - 87:88. Nervous turn-overs. Three seconds before the end, Smith takes the hosts ahead again from under the ring, 89:88. UNICS victory!
UNICS (Kazan, Russia) - Bahchesehir (Istanbul, Turkey) - 89:88 (26:25, 22:22, 22:14, 19:29). Most productive: Smith (25), Canaan (15), Brown (10), Holland (13), Antipov (11) - Perez (33), Green (14), Aldridge (12), Akpinar (12).