New Year's meeting with pupils of the Raifa school


05.01.2021 Shortly before the onset of 2021, a basketball match was held on the main arena of the Basket-Hall between the pupils of the Raifa School. Our club has been cooperating with the educational institution for a long time within the framework of the One Team social project, helping the children find a common language with the outside world.
This time the coaches Artur Bigeyev and Vasilis Simtsak held a small training session, helped by Jordan Morgan, John Holland, Georgy Zhbanov, Alexander Razumov, Dmitry Uzinsky, Evgeny Kolesnikov, Artem Klimenko, and Pavel Sergeev. The coaches offered the children easy and fun exercises, on the one hand, to practice basketball skills, and on the other, to improve communication. During the match, the players tried on the role of coaches, and the coaches - the referees. In the end, of course, there was a photo session with the players. And the exchange of gifts. Pupils made New Year trees for UNICS with their own hands, and in return received sweet gifts from the club's management.