First victory over "Burg"

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20.11.2020 UNICS ended the European tour with a victory over Burg in France in their first encounter with this team.
In the European Cup, because of the pandemic, the French played only four matches: three victories and one defeat. UNICS played seven games, 4-3. This meeting, the first for the teams, the rivals were supposed to hold back in October.
UNICS started the game in Bourg with Isaiah Canaan, Dmitry Uzinsky, Jamar Smith, Okaro White, and Jordan Morgan. Teams started nervously, there were more mistakes than successful actions. The guests were better at rebounds, but they defended worse. Both teams hit poorly, from beyond the arc they made only one out of nine attempts - Burg, 13:10. But the last 4 points in the quarter were scored by Kazan, 13:14.
The second quarter went just as nervously, which started better from Kazan - 15:19. But by the middle of the quarter, the French began to hit a little better, 27:23 after two in a row of the master's “three”.  Well, then the "swing" started - 29:28, 33:34. It is quite logical that the first half ended in a draw, 37:37.
Kazan started the third period better, winning the four-minute segment with a score of 13-1, 38:50 on the scoreboard. Canaan played out, having implemented two long-range shots in a row, 44:58, on his account already 19 points. The game started at UNICS, 46:65.
In the last quarter, the hosts rushed to recoup, have managed to cut the deficit of points by almost half by the middle of the period, to ten, 66:76. But that's all. UNICS very calmly brought the matter to victory, 74:86.
Burg (Burg, France) - UNICS (Kazan, Russia) - 74:86 (13:14, 24:23, 15:31, 22:18). Most productive: Allen (17), Peacock (12), Scrubb (13), Wright (10) - Canaan (23 + 7 assists), Morgan (17 + 5 rebounds), Smith (20 + 6 assists).